“How to look after your mental health during the Coronavirus outbreak”


This resource includes general tips on mental health and wellbeing, advice on mental health for employers and employees, advice on looking after your wellbeing when staying at home, advice on relationships (including separate advice on abusive relationships), suggestions for random acts of kindness, support for finance, housing and unemployment worries, advice on talking to children about coronavirus and wellbeing advice for older people

















“10 tips to help if you are worried about coronavirus”


This resource links to NHS and GOV.UK recommendations and gives suggestions for staying connected with people, talking about your worries, helping others, feeling prepared and in control, looking after yourself, accessing credible information and limiting news consumption, managing anxiety and the feeling of being overwhelmed, finding new hobbies, giving mindfulness a try and practising good sleep hygiene.



















“Coronavirus and your wellbeing”


This resource covers practical advice for staying at home, including a checklist; general self-care advice; and support for work, benefits and housing




















“Coronavirus – Temporary changes to the Mental Health Act"


This resource outlines temporary changes to the Mental Health Act and explains what these changes might mean



















“Eating disorders and the coronavirus”


This resource provides support on managing anxiety around the unavailability of safe foods and loss of routine.  It includes practical tips on coping with emotions, resisting binge-eating and enjoying exercise in moderation





















“COVID-19 patient information in multiple languages"



















“Harvard COVID-19 health literacy project fact-sheets in multiple language"


We create and translate accessible COVID-19 information into different languages to help all patients know when, and how, to seek care. Our materials are created in collaboration with Harvard Health Publishing.























Virtual Garden visits


In the current Coronavirus crisis, when our beautiful gardens are closed, the National Garden Scheme and its garden owners are working to bring the gardens to life for you with virtual garden visits, gardening tips and great stories.





















5 tips for coping when you've got a mental health condition


5 tips for coping when you've got a mental health condition.

Seaneen, MindWise's communications manager, shares 5 tips for coping with the Covid-19 restrictions when you're living with a mental health condition.




















Coronavirus: Advice for carers of those with severe mental illness


This information is for anyone who is a carer of someone who lives in the community with a severe mental illness. By ‘carer’ we mean an unpaid carer, such as a relative or friend.

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